Below are a few recent studies I’ve done from black and white photos & film stills. These are great to practice your technique and workflow. I find it fun to experiment with colors and imagine how the scene appeared on set so many years ago. … Continue readingStudies

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Concept Sketching

Here are some roughs for a couple of indie game companies. I’ve been sketching quite a few spaceships and am excited to refine some of them: And here are some pirate dinosaurs for a mobile game company. Maybe a bit too anthropomorphic: Some very rough … Continue readingConcept Sketching

Gouache Study

I’ve been working on my non-digital painting skills with a bit of Star Trek fan art. I’ve always been a diehard Star Wars fan, but have just recently converted into a Trekkie. When my son was born, I found myself up at all hours. He’s … Continue readingGouache Study

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Thirsty Hands

I was asked by Chico News & Review to design the cover for their Annual Beer Issue which highlights the microbrewing culture in and around Chico, California. The A.D. wanted a local sculpture drawn holding a glass of beer. The sculpture is fairly large and … Continue readingThirsty Hands

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