Big Blue Bird

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A while ago I saw a classified ad from a design studio in Colorado seeking freelance designers. I contacted them in the off chance that they might also need illustration work. Turns out, they use a lot of illustration!

I had a great conversation with the Creative Director about their needs and some of their projects that I thought were really great. We ended the conversation with the expectation we would speak again as soon as a project popped up.

Recently, they contacted me about several projects that that they needed help with. Below is the first, a graphic rendering of a Colorado Bluebird, to be used in conjunction with their design work that is to be applied in large scale to transit buses.

I started the project as I do all others by researching reference and making lots of pencil thumbnails. Because of the way they wanted it rendered, I found it easier to take the approved thumbnail and go straight to color, working out the details along the way. The final version has some simplification and last minute tweaks, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to see the final bus wrap.