Hello! my name is Tom Parsons and I’m a designer and illustrator from North Carolina. My designs have embellished books, magazines, cycling jerseys, packaging, posters and more.

Transworld Skateboarding Magazine circa 1986 was my initial inspiration for becoming an artist. All the day-glo, screenprinted skateboard graphics plastered inside those pages were like eye candy to this skinny kid. Sadly, my efforts to emulate my skateboarding heroes came to naught, but I did learn how to draw along the way. And I’m still learning…

I also love mountain bikes. One of these days I hope to ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. That is if I can pry myself out of my basement studio long enough…

Rainy day ride on my local trail.


  • Addy Award for Best Poster Design.
  • Artwork published in a graphic design reference book by HOW Books.
  • Painting selected for the Illustration West 57th annual exhibition held in March/April 2019.