Silo Barn Studies

  • Date: February 2023
  • Silo Study 1 size: 11″ x 17″, Medium: Casein on Paper
  • Silo Study 2 size: 10″ x 14″, Medium: Ink on Paper

Here are two architectural studies done of the Silo Barn at Reynolda House & Gardens in Winston-Salem, NC. I have a portable easel setup and will either do a complete painting/drawing on location, or start one, take some reference photos, and then complete in my studio.

For Silo Study 1, I did a rough sketch in pencil and then used casein paint on top with a large flat brush to try and keep things loose. The color palette is limited, and I was more concerned with value and creating interesting brush marks than with making a super accurate rendering.

On Silo Study 2, I did a simple pencil drawing of the same building, but from a different angle. I finished the drawing in ink in my studio later. Here again, I am trying to distill the complex information contained in the building and landscape down into simple marks on the page which are hopefully pleasing and interesting to view.

Silo Study 1
Silo Study 2