Below are a few recent studies I’ve done from black and white photos & film stills. These are great to practice your technique and workflow. I find it fun to experiment with colors and imagine how the scene appeared on set so many years ago. … Continue readingStudies

Gouache Study

I’ve been working on my non-digital painting skills with a bit of Star Trek fan art. I’ve always been a diehard Star Wars fan, but have just recently converted into a Trekkie. When my son was born, I found myself up at all hours. He’s … Continue readingGouache Study

Thumbs Up!

Finished my first round of thumbnails for smArt School. I’m illustrating scenes from Treasure Island while looking at some of the old “Golden Age” illustrators like Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth and Mead Schaeffer. Hopefully I’ll get more than one piece out of these. Next step: … Continue readingThumbs Up!

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